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The Leader in Mil-Qualified Support for Wiring Systems.


TSK8000 Twist-Strip™.

The Fastest High Precision Twisted Multi-Conductor Cable Stripper. The patented TSK8000 Twist-Strip™ Tool utilizes a pair of interchangeable dies with integral precision cutting blades that are attached to a free rotating core. The dies match the outer jacket profile of the cable being stripped and guide the cutting blades in a precise track

Crimp ToolsCrimp Tools

An extensive line of manual, pneumatic, and hydraulic tools and accessories used to crimp contacts, terminals, and other wiring system components onto power and coaxial conductors. (M22520/ & Commercial standard tools available.) Check out our New line of Battery Powered Crimp Tools here.

DMC Wiring System Service Kits

DMC Tools KitsComplete capability for maintenance and production applications. These kits have all the tools and information required to support General Aviation, Military Standard or and entire Aircraft Wiring System (or sub-system). Watch our Wiring System Maintenance Kit Information Video here. (Please disable pop-up blocking.)


The Complete Fastener Retention System. Safe-T-Cable™ will improve the efficiency and quality of your assembly operations. Safe-T-Cable™ may be substituted, in most applications for hand twisted safety wire & lockwire. Save time and money by replacing your old lockwire system with Safe-T-Cable.™

Installing/Removal Tools

Insertion & Removal ToolsMetal and plastic tools specifically designed to install and remove contacts from electrical connectors. (M81969/ & Commercial standard tools available.) DMC can provide cross reference to most tools supplied by connector manufacturers.

Band Application Tools For M85049/128 EMI/RFI Shield Termination Bands

The termination of EMI/RFI shielding materials is a specialized science in today's aerospace wiring systems. Application tooling is a critical factor in the overall performance of the wiring system components. DMC has worked closely with the world's leading connector accessory manufacturers to develop the necessary tooling and accessories to meet the stringent demands of aerospace and defense system contractors.

Alphatron® Wire Crimp Pull Test Systems

Tensile Test SystemsAlphatron® Wire Crimp Pull Test Systems for Wire Termination and Similar Applications. Now available from DMC is a line of Electronic Tensile Test Systems which may be used in conjunction with SPC Programs or other Quality Control disciplines in both OEM and maintenance applications. The electronic digital readout displays are a fast and reliable source of test data.

BETA Backshell ToolsBeta Line

A complete line of Adapter Tools and Torque Tools for holding and torquing circular connectors during the installation and removal of accessories (AS85049 backshell, strain relief, or EMI/RFI shielding hardware).

Wire Strippers

DMC Wire StrippersHand and pneumatic tools and accessories used to precisely remove wire insulation when preparing the conductor for termination. (AS5768-1 & commercial standard stripper blades available.)

Other Tools

■ Cable Tie Removal Tools
 Contact Gages
 Contact Retention Test Tools
■ Skin Clamp Tools
■ Swaging Tools
■ Wire Harness Spoon

Repair & Calibration Services

Complete in-factory repair and recalibration services are provided for all products manufactured by DMC.

Download Our Connector Tooling Guide Here

Many tools and accessories are available from DMC that may not be covered by one of the above categories. DMC can custom design and manufacture tools and accessories for your wiring system and fastener retention application needs. Please consult DMC by email at dmc@dmctools.com or by telephone at 407-855-6161 or by fax at 407-855-6884.