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Hand Held Pneumatic Wire Stripping Tool



WSP-1630Compact Design allows hand-held tool to be used in confined areas (7" x 2.5").

Light Weight construction (1.5 pounds) and pneumatic actuation system minimize operator fatigue and carpal tunnel injuries.

Fast, smooth stripping operation results in maximum quality wire preparation at a production rate unattainable with hand operated mechanical strippers.

Compatibility with common, commercially available stripper blades, grippers, and other components makes the unit economical, and it assured a wide range of applications with all types of wire.

WSP-1630Rotatable Head permits left or right handed operation.

Optional L-5270 Transparent Adjustable Wire Stop may be used for precise, repeatable operations.

Bench Mount is also available for WSP-1630.

Adjustable Speed Control allows the operator to regulate the speed of the stripping operation by simply rotating the adjustment collar which is a part of the air hose. This enables greater accuracy and control of the wire stripper.

The WSP-1630 series Pneumatic Wire Stripper is the ultimate combination of performance, reliability, and portability. It was developed in cooperation with major aerospace contractors addressing their needs for a reliable, simple to operate pneumatic wire stripper utilizing the blades and accessories which are certified and inventoried within their existing facilities.

The WSP-1630 part number applies to the basic pneumatic wire stripper frame with WL5211 blades (less accessories), which accommodates most size 16 AWG and smaller wires. Blades, pads and accessories to cover a variety of wire types and sizes can be ordered and factory installed.

L-5211 16-26 AWG Plastic, Fiber Glass and Hard to Strip Insulation
L-5436 26-30 AWG Plastic, Fiber Glass and Hard to Strip Insulations
L-5560 16-26 AWG MIL-W-16878 Type E 600V Teflon
L-5561 26-30 AWG MIL-W-16878 Type E 600V Teflon
L-5563 16-26 AWG MIL-W16878 Type EE 1000V Teflon
L-5564 26-30 AWG MIL-W-16878 Type EE 1000V Teflon
L-9300 24-30 AWG Wire Wrap (thin insulation) Solid Wire
L-7625 30 AWG Wire Wrap (thin insulation) Solid Wire
45-1610-1 16-26 AWG MIL-W-81044/12B KYNAR
45-1633-1 16-26 AWG KAPTON (5 MIL) UNILAY
45-1654-1 16-26 AWG KAPTON (9 MIL) UNILAY
45-1987-1 16-26 AWG MIL-W-22759/32 (SPEC 55)

LB-198 .156" Thick — Grit
Movable Pad P/N L-5212
Stationary Pad L-5217 (.156)
LB-722 .156" Thick — File
Movable Pad P/N LB-718
Stationary Pad LB-720 (.156)
LB-731 .156" Thick — Parallel
Movable Pad P/N LB-727
Stationary Pad LB-729 (.156)

DMC offers a variety of gripper pads for your convenience, Parallel, Grit and File. Grit pads are standard for most applications. Insulated wires which are harder to grip may require file type pads.

AS5768 Wire Stripper Info

The Industry Standard for Wire Strippers (AS5768, Tool, Stripper, Electrical Insulation, General Specification For) was developed to organize, define, and provide QPL source management for wire strippers and blades used in Aerospace and Commercial applications. The AS5768 Specification is available from www.SAE.org.

AS5768 Wire Stripper Blade Part Number Table

SAE Spec Tool Part Number
Wire Type
Wire Size Cavities
AS5768-1-B1 AS50861/1, /2, /4-/7 10-14 NA
AS5768-1-B2 AS50861/1, /2, /4-/7 16-22 NA
AS5768-1-B3 AS22759/5, /6 16-22 5110-01-377-2272
AS5768-1-B4 AS22759/7, /8 16-22 5110-01-377-2237
AS5768-1-B5 AS22759/9-/12, /16, /17, /20-/23, /28-/35, /41-/46, 
AS81044/11-/13, AS85465/9-/12, 
MIL-DTL-81381/3, /4
10-14 5110-01-373-2486
AS5768-1-B6 AS22759/9-/12, /20-/23, /28-/31 16-26 5110-00-177-7286
AS5768-1-B7 AS22759/9-/12, 20-/23, /28-/31, /34, /35, /41-/43, 
AS81044/7-/14, /21, /22, 
MIL-DTL-81381/3, /4, /7-/14, /21, /22
26-30 5110-00-177-7287
AS5768-1-B8 AS22759/11, /12, /16, /17, 
MIL-DTL-81381/11-/14, /22
16-26 5110-01-377-2245
AS5768-1-B9 AS22759/16, /17, /32-/35, /41-/46 16-26 5110-01-373-2487
AS5768-1-B10 AS22759/18, /19, 
MIL-DTL-81381/1, /2, /5-/10, /21
16-26 5110-01-377-2271
AS5768-1-B11 AS22759/18, /19, MIL-DTL-81381/11-/14, /22 10-14 5110-01-377-2313
AS5768-1-B12 AS22759/80-/82, /91, /92 10-14 5110-01-520-8380
AS5768-1-B13 AS22759/80-/82, /91, /92 16-24 NA
AS5768-1-B14 AS22759/83-/90 10-14 NA
AS5768-1-B15 AS22759/83-/90 16-26 5110-01-520-8379
AS5768-1-B16 AS81044/5-/7 10-14 5110-01-380-9356
AS5768-1-B17 AS81044/5-/7 16-26 5110-01-373-2484
AS5768-1-B18 AS81044/8-/10 10-14 5110-01-377-2167
AS5768-1-B19 AS81044/8-/10 16-26 5110-01-377-2180
AS5768-1-B20 AS81044/11-/13, AS85485/9-/12 16-26 5110-00-088-1598
AS5768-1-B21 MIL-DTL-81381/1, /2, /5-/10, /17-/21 10-14 5110-01-380-9344
AS5768-1-B22 MIL-DTL-81381/17-/20 16-26 NA
AS5768-1-B23 AS85485/5-/8 10-14 5110-01-380-9387
AS5768-1-B24 AS85485/5-/8 16-26 5110-01-377-2247

DMC also offers Qualified Products Listed (QPL) Hand Operated Wire Strippers and Blades to cover a wide variety of wire types. Consult DMC for details.