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TSK8000 Twist-Strip™


Outer Jacket Stripper for Shielded Twisted Cable

It's time to put away the razor blades...

The TSK8000 Twist-Strip™ tool kit makes light work of multi-conductor, shielded, twisted cable prep.


The Problem:

It is common for high-speed data cable to utilize one or more shielded twisted conductors. This type of cable is common in all digital electronic networks, and it requires new tooling disciplines. The challenge in designing a wire prep system of this type is the non-circular configuration of the cable, and the many types, variations, and stripping nuances of shielded, twisted, multi-wire cable.

Imprecise methods.
Stripping multi-conductor wire calbe is often done by hand with a razor blade. This is a difficult way to remove the jacket from any type of electrical cable. A razor blade offers no method of controlling the depth of cut which result in a poor quality strip, and damage to the shielding.

Risk of injury.
Using a razor blade increases the probability of injury to the operator and constant tugging to remove the outer jacket which cuases operator fatigue. Other methods for removal of the jacket like laser or thermal stripping produce hazardous work environments.

Time Consuming.
The conventional "ring and slit" method for stripping shielded twisted cable is very time consuming and requires a highly skilled operator to succesfully do.

The Solution:

The DMC Twist-Strip product line gives the user a system with the maximum capabilities, while keeping the system portable, self-contained, affordable, and ergonomic. The precise blade adjustment, zero friction ball bearing design, articulating/locking arms, and changeable dies makes the Twist-Strip very user-friendly and efficient when performing the difficult task of cable preparation.

Adjustable (New Feature).
The TSK8000 has adjustable blades that allow the tool to accommodate variances in the cable. Varying jacket thickness and cable diameter are two examples of common differences you may see in different lots of the same cable. Simple adjustments allow the user to set the cutting blades for a deeper or shallower score of the cable jacket.

A cable track precisely machined into each die set creates a controlled rotation of the dies/blades as the cable is moved along the cable. A simple 90° bend of the cable results in the jacket halves separating for
removal, reducing the amount of force needed to remove the jacket.

The repeatable function of the tool reduces operator error and is up to 3 to 5 times faster than conventional methods.



  • Rugged lightweight construction
  • Adjustable blade depth settings
  • Micrometer style blade adjustment knobs.
    Removable and replaceable die sets
  • Die Sets have a contoured cable track
  • Adjustable cable strip length
  • Locking tool arms
  • Locking head
  • Free rotating core
  • Positive die closure
TSK8000 (Kit)
Die Set
TS8000 (Tool)


Tool Specifications:

  • The TS8000 accommodates a variety of multi-conductor cable having diameters from 0.0625” to 0.187”
  • Strips the outer jacket of shielded twisted multi-conductor, and round cable
  • End stripping or window stripping of cable as needed
  • Interchangeable stripping dies (with cable track and carbide blade set)
  • Adjustable blade depth settings
  • Tool Weight: .81 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs (includes entire tool and accessories in foam lined case)
  • Die Arm Lever Force: 4.4 lbs
  • Die Arm Lever Length: 1”
  • Tool Dimensions: 1.75” wide, 9.75” tall
  • Cable Max OD: < 0.187”/4.75mm
  • Cable Min OD: >0.0625”/1.59mm

Operation Overview:

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