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ST825 Swaging Tool for Cable (Wire Rope)

ST825The DMC ST825 Swaging Tool is used to swage terminals to flexible aircraft cable and is built to meet government specifications. The complete tool consists of a cylinder and yoke assembly that is easily accessible for quick changing of dies, air hose assembly with a shut off valve and a single action foot control valve assembly with lubricator and air filter.

All swaging and cutting dies are of a hardened steel and are heat treated to withstand high impact. Each die is marked to indicate the type and size terminal to be swaged, or cable to be cut.

This rugged tool, minus the dies, weighs less than 20 pounds. It operates on standard shop air pressure of 80 to 100 PSI and is designed for hand operation or can be mounted on a cushion baseplate to facilitate bench use.

This tool is also offered in the form of a tool kit (P/N DMC99). This includes additional items such as a baseplate, gages, cutting and swaging dies and instruction manual. All packaged in a durable metal carrying case.

The DMC99 TOOL KIT is a custom metal tool kit and carrying case for the Swaging tool and includes additional items such as a baseplate, gages, cutting and swaging dies and instruction manual. This tool kit meets federal specification GGG-S-00825A (GSA-FSS). NSN 5130-00-712-4855.



To be used on MIL-W-83420, MIL-W-87131 and specified wires.
G689 1   GAGE SET   AT5205G
ST825003 1   SPACER   AT520SP-1
ST825SDB-2 2 MS20663-3 SWAGING DIE 1/16" AT520CDB-2
ST825SDB-3 2 MS20663-3 SWAGING DIE 3/32" AT520CDB-3
ST825SDB-4 2 MS20663-4 SWAGING DIE 1/8" AT520CDB-4
ST825SDB-5 2 MS20663-5 SWAGING DIE 5/32" AT520CDB-5
ST825SDB-6 2 MS20663-6 SWAGING DIE 3/16" AT520CDB-6
ST825SSB-2-L 1 MS20664-2(L) SWAGING DIE, LEFT 1/16"  
ST825SSB-2-R 1 MS20664-2(R) SWAGING DIE, RIGHT 1/16" *AT520CSB-2
ST825SSB-3-L 1 MS20644-3(L) SWAGING DIE, LEFT 3/32"  
ST825SSB-3-R 1 MS20664-3(R) SWAGING DIE, RIGHT 3/32" *AT520CSB-3
ST825SSB-4-L 1 MS20664-4(L) SWAGING DIE, LEFT 1/8"  
ST825SSB-4-R 1 MS20664-4(R) SWAGING DIE, RIGHT 1/8" *AT520CSB-4
ST825SSB-5-L 1 MS20664-5(L) SWAGING DIE, LEFT 5/32"  
ST825SSB-5-R 1 MS20664-5(R) SWAGING DIE, RIGHT 5/32" *AT520CSB-5
ST825SSB-6-L 1 MS20664-6(L) SWAGING DIE, LEFT 3/16"  
ST825SSB-6-R 1 MS20664-6(R) SWAGING DIE, RIGHT 3/16" *AT520CSB-6
ST825SB-2 2 BA3-2 SWAGING DIE 1/16" AT520CB-2
ST825SB-3 2 BA3-3 SWAGING DIE 3/32" AT520CB-3
ST825SB-4 2 BA3-4 SWAGING DIE 3/32" AT520CB-4
ST825SL-2 2 **-2 SWAGING DIE 1/16" AT520CS-2
ST825SL-3 2 **-3 SWAGING DIE 3/32" AT520CS-3
ST825SL-4 2 **-4 SWAGING DIE 1/8" AT520CS-4
ST825SL-5 2 **-5 SWAGING DIE 5/32" AT520CS-5
ST825SL-6 2 **-6 SWAGING DIE 3/16" AT520CS-6
ST825SL-7 2 **-7 (SEE NOTE) SWAGING DIE 7/32" AT520CS-7
ST825SL-8 2 **-8 SWAGING DIE 1/4" AT520CS-8
ST825CD-2-1 1   CUTTING DIE 1/16" AT520CD-2
ST825CD-2-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 1/16" AT520CP-2
ST825CD-3-1 1   CUTTING DIE 3/32" AT520CD-3
ST825CD-3-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 3/32" AT520CP-3
ST825CD-4-1 1   CUTTING DIE 1/8" AT520CD-4
ST825CD-4-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 1/8" AT520CP-4
ST825CD-5-1 1   CUTTING DIE 5/32" AT520CD-5
ST825CD-5-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 5/32" AT520CP-5
ST825CD-6-1 1   CUTTING DIE 3/16" AT520CD-6
ST825CD-6-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 3/16" AT520CP-6
ST825CD-7-1 1   CUTTING DIE 7/32" AT520CD-7
ST825CD-7-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 7/32" AT520CP-7
ST825CD-8-1 1   CUTTING DIE 1/4" AT520CD-8
ST825CD-8-2 1   CUTTING PUNCH 1/4" AT520CP-8

*Sets only MS20658, MS20667, MS2160, MS21259.

NOTE:  Uses the ST825SL-6 die set.

ST825 with Cutting Dies
ST825 with Swaging Dies