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Safe-T-Cable™ Special Applications



For Low Profile Faster Applications

Most Safe-T-Cable installations can be made with standard components and applications tools, however, there are conditions that require modification or alterations to the standard product lines to incorporate simple solutions to the difficult Safe-T-Cable applications, DMC has established itself as the industry leader.

Fasteners that have limited clearance between the safety wire hole (less than .100 inch), and the surface of the component to which the fastener is attached, can present a challenge to the installation of Safe-T-Cable. This is due to the clearance required by the application tool nose, adjacent to the fastener.

A special elongated ferrule is available for those installations.  The longer reach of the ferrule provides a stand off to the tool nose.  Combine that with the radius on the end next to the fastener (radius not required on the F10-08 .020 elongated ferrules due to the small outside diameter).  The angle allows the ferrule to be installed at an angle without loss of tension on the cable when the ferrule returns to the straight position.

321 CRES
.022*** F10-08*** F08-08N*** F09-08*** .185 max .090
.032 F10-04 F08-04N F09-04 .325 max .105
.040 F10-07 F08-07N F09-07 .325 max .105

Consult DMC for availability of other materials.
** Order in multiples of 50 or add "PKG" to Part Number (shown in chart) when ordering a 50 piece cartridge of Safe-T-Cable Ferrules.
*** .022 elongated Ferrules are currently supplied in loose piece packaging (not in a cartridge).



Safe-T-Cable Jacketing for Protection.  It is recommended that a tubular jacket beplaced over Safe-T-Cable when it is installed in an area where it will be in contact with obstructions or surfaces that may damage the Safe-T-Cable. The tubular jacket material shall be capable of meeting the temperature range of the application.  It shall also be resistant to oil and chemical environments.

  • 50 Foot Spool
    Part Number:  SCTD010

FILLER WASHER for .022, .032 and .040 Safe-T-Cable

Applications where Safe-T-Cable is to be installed through a hole having a diameter greater than.095 inch (2.4 mm), but less than .200 inch (5.08 mm) can be accommodated by a filler washer.  NOTE:  Compatible materials are required and care must be taken to restrain the washer during removal/service operations.

  • Filler Washer, Material: 321 CRES
    Part Number:  FW10-1
  • Filler Washer, Material: INCONEL 600
    Part Number:  FW09-1


It is DMC's mission to be responsive to the needs of Safe-T-Cable users.  One more example of the DMC responsiveness is the Self-Looping Safe-T-Cable.  There are many applications for lockwire where holes do not exist in a fastener or other part of the assembly.  The common practice is to wrap the wire around a casting web, pin, or similar feature, and then anchor the other end to the fastener.  The Self Looping Safe-T-Cable provides the user a means of anchoring a threaded fastener to almost any structure.

The operator simply wraps the cable through (or around) the structure, and back through the hole in the captive link at the head of the cable.  The operator then pulls the slack out of the cable, and threads it through the head of the fastener, and terminates to with a standard application tool.

Another type of application where the Self-Looping Safe-T-Cable offers a clear advantage over lockwire is when it replaces lockwire on turnbuckles, castellated fittings, and other applications where holes are not provided at either end of the cable.  In those cases, the cable is threaded around the fittings and terminated back at the hole in the captive link on the head of the Safe-T-Cable.

with Standard Ferrule
Supplied 50 pieces per Package
(See Note)
321 CRES*
C10-312JA C08-312NJA C09-312JA .040 12"
C10-318JA C08-318NJA C09-318JA .040 18"
C10-324JA C08-324NJA C09-324JA .040 24"
C10-212JA C08-212NJA C09-212JA .032 12"
C10-218JA C08-218NJA C09-218JA .032 18"
C10-224JA C08-224NJA C09-224JA .032 24"
C10-112JA C08-112NJA C09-112JA .022 12"
C10-118JA C08-118NJA C09-118JA .022 18"
C10-124JA C08-124NJA C09-124JA .022 24"

*Kit part number applies to one cable assembly and on ferrule. Add "PKG" to Part Number (shown in chart) when ordering a 50 piece cartridge of Safe-T-Cable
** Other length combinations are available

NOTE: Individual cable assemblies and special ferrule combinations areavailable.  Consult factory for availability/details

BRANDED Safe-T-Cable

Logo/Distinctive Mark Identification by the Factory

Onemore value added service from DMC tothe users of Safe-T-Cable is the application of a permanent mark (unique to one customer only)on the head of the Safe-T-Cable. The distinctive brand on the cable end fitting, when installed onan engine, accessory, or other assembly, becomes a reliable identification flag that can be used to trace the final assembly to a date, location, or other significant purpose.  The most common reasons that the DMC Safe-T-Cable branding service has become very popular are the following:

WARRANTY TRACEABILITY - Safe-T-Cable with a corporate logo or other distinctive mark can be applied by the factory or authorized repair station to limit warranty claims. Products returned for warranty repair can be easily inspected to verify that the factory applied logo or symbol is on the head of each Safe-T-Cable.

SERVICE LOCATION VERIFICATION - The exact location of the last service/repair of a product or component can be easily identified of your organization utilizes a well thought-out Safe-T-Cable branding program.  The application of distinctive mark, logo or initials allows easy verification and/or routing of product for repair, rework, or function.