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Important Notice Regarding .022 Safe-T-Cable


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation (DMC) has been manufacturing our SAFE-T-CABLE products in conformance to the SAE Aerospace Procurement Standard AS4536 and Detail Standards AS3509, AS3510, AS3618, AS3619 and AS3655 since 1995.

In order to clarify possible confusion over the new .022 reference designator of our 1 X 7 construction safety cable assemblies:

  • When SAE originally published Aerospace Standard AS4536, the 1 X 7 constructed cable assembly had a tolerance of .020 - .026. This cable assembly has subsequently been referred to as .020 cable.
  • DMC has always manufactured our 1 X 7 constructed cable assemblies to the middle/high end of the tolerance; typically .0235/.0245 for maximum strength within the tolerance range.
  • DMC assigned SCT20X, SCTR20X, SCTP20X and SCTPR20X, with "X" being the length designator for the nose assembly, to associate our SAFE-T-CABLE Application Tools used to install the .020 safety cable assemblies with the .020 safety cable assemblies.
  • With the aerospace industry's concern over the broad tolerance of the 1 X 7 cable assemblies, Revision B of SAE Aerospace Standard AS4536 and revisions to the Detail Standards in 2008, reduced the tolerance of the 1 X 7 constructed cable assembly to .022 - .026.
  • There has been no changes to the way DMC manufactures our 1 X 7 constructed cable assemblies, but in order to be in compliance with this new .022 - .026 tolerance of 1 X 7 constructed cable, DMC now identifies this 1 X 7 constructed safety cable as ".022" on our package labels in accordance with the latest requirements of AS4536.

Because the DMC SAFE-T-CABLE Application Tools have been called out by part number in so much documentation, it was determined in everyone's best interests not to change the tools' part numbers.

Please feel free to contact our Sales Office at (407) 855-6161 with any questions or for further clarification.