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Save Time and Money By Replacing Your Old Lockwire System with Safe-T-Cable.



System Benefits

  • Improved Security Of Fasteners
  • Reduced Installation and Inspection Time
  • Improved Access To Tight Areas
  • Consistent Cable Tension On Each Application
  • Considerable Reduction Of Rework
  • Simplified Installation Procedures
  • Minimal Operator Training Is Required
  • Lighter Weight Than Safety Wire
  • Eliminates Injuries Due To Sharp
    Safety Wire Ends
  • User Friendly Tooling
  • Reduces Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Injuries
1.  Thread

A Cable Assembly is threaded through the fasteners in a direction which will exert a positive or neutral pull when tension is applied.

2. Insert

The ferrule is threaded on the cable and the cable is inserted through the tool nose.

3. Tension

Correct tension is applied with the tool.

4. Crimp and Cut

The ferrule is firmly crimped, and the cable is cut flush with the end of the ferrule.

5. Job is Finished

The job is complete. A secure installation in a fraction of the time it takes to install safety wire.

Step 5

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Introduction to Safe-T-Cable

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.062 Safe-T-Cable

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