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Pneumatic Auto-Lift Indent Crimp Termination System



DMC’s standard WA-series pneumatic crimp tools are now available with an automatic actuator that eliminates the step of pressing a trigger or stepping on a foot pedal to actuate the tool.

Additionally, when the contact is loaded into the tool, the wire barrel remains in clear view. This allows the operator to see that the wire is inserted into the contact (wire barrel) correctly, with all strands inside the contact.

Once the wire is properly inserted into the contact, a little additional pressure on the wire pushes the contact into the automatic positioner. When the contact reaches the correct crimp position, the tool automatically crimps the contact on to the wire.

This line of tools available for the semi-automatic crimping of contact/wire assemblies for wire sizes 12 -32 AWG. However, Smaller wire sizes (24-32) are not very rigid and some difficulty may be experienced when pushing down on the contact/wire assembly. AP systems are not recommended for wire sizes smaller than 26 AWG.

Step 1 Step 2
Place an uncrimped contact with wire into the positioner insert. When the contact is loaded into the tool, the wire barrel remains above the tool in clear view.
The operator can then insert the wire into the contact (wire barrel) and see that the wire is inserted correctly, with all strands inside the contact.
Step 3 Step 4
Push down lightly with the wire in one continuous motion. When the contact reaches the correct crimp position, the automatic positioner will crimp the contact to the wire. NO foot pedal or manual activation required!
Remove the finished assembly and insert the next contact to be crimped.

A special module is mounted to an extended bench mount and either a WA22, WA22P, WA27F or SS version pneumatic crimp tool. Separate positioner modules are attached or removed without use of tools.

Tools ordered with a positioner module will come fully assembled and ready for your crimping need. Just plug your shop air supply into the fitting provided on the base plate module. Adjust the selector knob as specified on the dataplate of  the QA module for the size wire you  are crimping.

Reference  Military 
Part Number
Pneumatic Tool
Tool for 
AP Module System
M22520/1-01 WA27F WA27FQA
M22520/2-01 WA22 WA22QA
M22520/7-01 WA22P WA22PQA
Other models are available - Contact DMC

The system operates from standard shop air 80-120 psi (5.5-8.27 BAR).


Positioner ModuleThese modules are constructed with bayonet type mounting protrusions enabling a quick, tool-free interchange of positioner modules for different crimping requirements. All modules are clearly marked for contact type and wire size selector setting.

Modules are available for most contacts for existing “K” and “86” Positioners and “TH” and “TP” series heads sizes 12 thru 26. These modules may be ordered separately. Modules are not available for the “Straightener” positioner series.


K## = KQA##
So the Quick Assembly Positioner Module version of positioner K42 is KQA42.

TH## = THQAP##-#
(The “-#” identifies the position color code with “-2” for Blue, “-4” for Red, “-5”  for Yellow, and “-6” for Green.)
So the Quick Assembly Positioner Module version of turret head TH163 in the Blue position is THQAP163-2.

TP## = TPQA##
So the Quick Assembly Positioner Module version of single position head  TP1032 is TPQA1032.

86-## = 86QA-##
So the Quick Assembly Positioner Module version of positioner 86-287 is  86QA-287.


If you already have one or more DMC indent crimp pneumatic tools in your shop, DMC offers a retro-fit kit (P/N - APMOD) to upgrade the standard pneumatic tools to an Auto-Lift pneumatic tool. Conversion also requires the appropriate QA series positioner modules.