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Other Tools and Accessories

Cable Tie Removal ToolsCable Tie Cutters

Now you can quickly remove cable ties without damaging the wire harness. Use the MG series cable tie removal tools when repairing and retrofitting wire harnesses & hose assemblies, removing packaged items, prototyping & testing products, and many other factory and field uses.

Contact GagesContact Gages

Contact Gages are used to determine the size of a contact’s mating end (sizes 12-22) which then aids in selecting the proper installation and/or removal tooling.

Contact Retention Test Tools

Cable Retention ToolThe quality assurance test most often overlooked is retention (proper seating of contacts). This important test can now be performed simply and in a matter of seconds with the DMC retention testing tools.

Skin Clamp Tools

PSC200There are many uses for temporary fasteners (often referred to as skin clamps.)  These spring-loaded devices come in many shapes and sizes, and are used to position sheet metal structures or other components during the installation of permanent fasteners (such as rivets or screws). The DMC pneumatic skin clamp tool takes the pressure off the operator.  It is small and lightweight to allow its operation in tight places. 

Swaging Tools

DMC99The DMC ST825 Swaging Tool is used to swage terminals to flexible aircraft cable and is built to meet government specifications. The complete tool consists of a cylinder and yoke assembly that is easily accessible for quick changing of dies, air hose assembly with a shut off valve and a single action foot control valve assembly with lubricator and air filter.

Wire Harness Spoon

WSP-1The WHS-1 is used to assist in weaving wires into existing wire harnesses. It helps thread new or repaired wires under tight cable ties, zip ties, string ties and cushion clamps.