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Miniature Adjustable Crimp Tools



Qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/2*,  the DMC AFM8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub-miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. The AFM8 meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating wire sizes 20 through  32 AWG.

The AFM8 gives a Mil-Standard 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum tensile strength. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time. The tool frame has a built-in 8 step selector knob for ease in dialing the correct crimp depth setting for the wire being used.

AFM8 IndentorsPositioners adapt the tool frame to a particular application. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. The positioner is easily removed and changed.

Periodic gaging is recommended to insure accurate calibration. This is easily accomplished with the M22520/3-1  “GO/NO-GO” gage (DMC part no. G125) on SEL setting #8. The AFM8 is 6 3/4" in length and weighs approximately 10 oz.

DMC274Other than keeping the tool clean and properly stored when not in use, no operator maintenance is required. Pneumatic versions of this tool can be found here.

The DMC274 tool kit (pictured right) contains the AFM8 tool frame, tool gage, and all  mil-spec positioners. Also included in  the DMC274 are tool instruction sheets and a tool selection chart.

* Change to SAE AS22520 in process consult DMC for status.

M22520/2-01 AFM8 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8572
M22520/2-02 K1S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8592
M22520/2-03 K60S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8593
M22520/2-04 K151 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8594
M22520/2-05 K3 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8595
M22520/2-06 K41 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8624
M22520/2-07 K40 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8625
M22520/2-08 K13-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8626
M22520/2-09 K42 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8627
M22520/2-10 K43 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8628
M22520/2-11 K287 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8629
M22520/2-12 K286 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8630
M22520/2-13 K338 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8631
M22520/2-14 K340 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8632
M22520/2-15 K341 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8633
M22520/2-16 K339 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8634
M22520/2-17 K342 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8635
M22520/2-18 K343 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8636
M22520/2-19 K330-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8637
M22520/2-20 K331-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8638
M22520/2-21 K332-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8609
M22520/2-22 K212 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8610
M22520/2-23 K267-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8611
M22520/2-24 K75S-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8612
M22520/2-25 K261-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8613
M22520/2-26 K262-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8614
M22520/2-27 K269-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8615
M22520/2-28 K373-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8616
M22520/2-29 K372-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8617
M22520/2-30 K404 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8618
M22520/2-31 K406 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8619
M22520/2-32 K496 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8620
M22520/2-33 K74S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8621
M22520/2-34 K323 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8622
M22520/2-35 K532-1 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8623
M22520/2-36 K473 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8596
M22520/2-37 K709 POSITIONER 5120-01-361-9666
M22520/3-1 G125 GAGE 5220-00-165-7604
  SK2/2 ADJUSTABLE POSITIONER 5120-01-171-1569
  DMC274 M22520/2 TOOL KIT 5180-01-259-0512


MH860Qalified to MIL-DTL-22520/7*, the DMC MH860 is a recent addition to the military specification. It was developed to meet the demonstrated need for supporting the majority of electrical systems with one versatile crimp tool frame.

The MH860 accepts the entire middle wire range of 16 through 28 AWG, with positioners which adapt it to virtually all applications consistent with others in the MIL-DTL-22520 family.

Pneumatic versions of this tool can be found here.DMC123

The DMC123 tool kit contains the MH860 tool frame, tool gage, and all  mil-spec positioners.

Also included in  the DMC123 are tool instruction sheets and a tool selection chart.

* Change to SAE AS22520 in process consult DMC for status.

M22520/7-01 MH860 TOOL FRAME 5120-01-335-8573
M22520/7-02 86-1S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8597
M225207-03 86-2 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8598
M22520/7-04 86-3 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8599
M22520/7-05 86-4 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8600
M22520/7-06 86-5 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8601
M22520/7-07 86-6 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8602
M225207-08 86-7 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8603
M225207-09 86-11S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8604
M225207-10 86-12S POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8605
M22520/7-11 86-19 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8606
M22520/7-12 86-20 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8607
M22520/7-13 86-21 POSITIONER 5120-01-335-8608
M22520/3-3 G145 GAGE 5120-00-338-0378
  DMC123 M22520/7 TOOL KIT 5180-01-355-5616


MIL-C-28840 connectors were developed for the Navy, for use with jacketed cable in shipboard applications. They are a high density circular connector series utilizing a high shock threaded coupling system with front release crimped contacts.

For these connectors DMC has added a new crimping tool to its range, the M22520/34-01 and other tools as follows:

M22520/34-01 39-000 BASIC CRIMP TOOL 5120-01-242-3516
M22520/34-02 39-102 POSITIONER 5120-01-242-1041
M22520/35 G345 GAGE 5220-01-392-1065
M81969/33-01 DAK55-22SA INST. TOOL (STRAIGHT) 5120-01-230-1506
M81969/33-02 DAK55-22JA INST. TOOL (OFFSET) 5120-01-335-8666
M81969/34-01 DRK56-22A REMOVAL TOOL 5120-01-230-1507
  DMC782 MIL-C-28840 TOOLS KIT 5180-01-363-1391