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Installing & Removal Tools

DMC is dedicated to serving the connector tooling needs of the electronics industry.  We, therefore, top off our product package with a wide variety of installing and removal tools.

Although we supply both plastic and metal tools, we recommend the use of the metal tools because of their durability.

When used properly they are more cost effective in that they withstand thousands of contact insertion and removal cycles.  The trend to all metals tools is being actively encouraged by most departments of the government.

DMC installing and removal tools are of proven high quality and reliability.  In addition to the tools listed in these reference table, we have many more for other connector applications.  Please contact us for more details.DMC1155


DMC’s General Purpose Insertion and Removal Tool Kit (P/N: DMC1155) contains metal insertion and removal tools for common Mil-Spec Circular Connectors, D-Subminiature Connector, ARINC Connectors and AS81714 terminal junctions. Consult DMC for further details.

M81969 / # Reference Chart

Superceded Military #


Superceded Military #


Superceded Military #
1-01 MS3156-22 11-01 M28731/22-01 19-09 MS24256R12
1-02 MS3156-20 13-01 M28731/21-01 19-10 MS24256RH20
M24308/18-2 14-01 MS27534-22D 19-11 MS24256RH16
1-03 MS3156-16 14-02 MS27534-20 20-01 MS17806
M24308/18-3 MS3447-20 27-01 MS90562-1
1-04 M24308/18-1 M83723/31-20 27-02 MS90562-2
2-01 MS3323-22 14-03 MS27534-16 27-03 MS90562-3
2-02 MS3323-20 MS3447-16 27-04 MS90562-4
2-03 MS3323-16 M83723/31-16 27-05 MS90562-5
2-04 MS3323-12 14-04 MS27534-12 27-06 MS90562-6
3-01 MS3344-23 MS3447-12 28-01 MS3178-001
3-02 MS3344-20 M83723/31-12 28-02 MS3178-002
3-03 MS3344-16 15-01 MS3483-1 29-01 MS3165-16
3-04 MS3344-12 15-02 MS3483-2 29-02 MS3165-8
3-05 MS3342-23 15-03 MS3483-3 M83723/32-08
3-06 MS3342-20 16-01 MS3160-20 29-03 MS3165-4
3-07 MS3342-16 16-02 MS3160-16 M83723/32-04
3-08 MS3342-12 16-03 MS3160-12 29-04 MS3165-0
4-01 M55301/106-01 16-04 MS3160-22 M83723/32-00
5-01 M55302/105-01 17-01 MS90455-16 30-01 MS3159-22
6-01 M21097/18-01 17-02 MS90455-12 30-02 MS3159-20
7-01 M21097/12-01 17-03 MS24256A20 30-03 MS3159-16
8-01 M55302/79-01 17-04 MS24256A16 30-04 MS3159-12
MS27495A22M 17-05 MS24256A12 30-05 MS3448-001A
8-02 M55302/79-02 17-06 MS90455-8 30-06 MS3448-001B
MS27495R22M 17-07 MS90455-4 30-07 MS3448-001C
8-03 MS27495A22 17-08 MS90455-0 31-01 MS18137-20-1
8-04 MS27495R22 18-01 MS17805 31-02 MS18137-20-2
8-05 MS27495A20 19-01 MS90456-16 31-03 MS18137-20-3
8-06 MS27495R20 19-02 MS90456-12 31-04 MS18137-20-4
8-07 MS27495A16 19-03 MS90456-8 31-05 MS14035-02
8-08 MS27495R16 19-04 MS90456-4 31-06 MS14035-03
8-09 MS27495A12 19-05 MS90456-0 31-07 MS14035-01
8-10 MS27495R12 19-06 MS24256R20 31-08 MS14036-01
9-01 M55302/18-01 19-07 MS24256R20 31-09 MS14036-02
10-01 M55302/86-01 19-08 MS24256R16 31-10 MS14036-03


MIL-I-81969 Tool Part Number Guide

Military P/N
Installing or Removal
Color Code
M81969/1-01 M81969/1-01 I/R 22 Green/White
M81969/1-02 M81969/1-02 I/R 20 Red/White
M81969/1-03 M81969/1-03 I/R 16 Blue/White
M81969/1-04 M81969/1-04 I/R 12 Green/White
M81969/2-01 DAK126-23A I 22 Yellow
M81969/2-02 DAK126-20A I 20 Red
M81969/2-03 DAK126-16A I 16 Blue
M81969/2-04 DAK126-12A I 12 Yellow
M81969/3-01 DRK129-23A R 23 Yellow
M81969/3-02 DRK129-20A R 20 Red
M81969/3-03 DRK129-16A R 16 Blue
M81969/3-04 DRK129-12A R 12 Yellow
M81969/3-05 DRK125-23A R 23 Yellow/Black
M81969/3-06 DRK125-20A R 20 Red/Black
M81969/3-07 DRK125-16A R 16 Blue/Black
M81969/3-08 DRK125-12A R 12 Yellow/Black
M81969/4-01 Wrap Post
M81969/4-02 Wrap Post
M81969/5-01 Wrap Post
M81969/7-01 DAK52 I N/A Clear
M81969/8-01 DAK95-22MB I 22D Green
M81969/8-02 DRK95-22MB R 22M Green/White
M81969/8-03 DAK95-22B I 22 Brown
M81969/8-04 DRK95-22B R 22 Brown/White
M81969/8-05 DAK95-20B I 20 Red
M81969/8-06 DRK95-20B R 20 Red/White
M81969/8-07 DAK95-16B I 16 Blue
M81969/8-08 DRK95-16B R 16 Blue/White
M81969/8-09 DAK95-12B I 12 Yellow
M81969/8-10 DRK95-12B R 12 Yellow/White
M81969/8-205B DAK83-20B I 20 Red/Black
M81969/8-206B DRK83-20B R 20 Red/White/Black
M81969/8-207 DAK83-16B I 16 Blue/Black
M81969/8-208 DRK83-16B R 16 Blue/White/Black
M81969/8-209 DAK83-12B I 12 Yellow/Black
M81969/8-210 DRK83-12B R 12 Yellow/White/Black
M81969/12-01 DRK248A I/R N/A Straight
M81969/12-02 DRK246A I/R N/A Angled
M81969/14-01 M81969/14-01 I/R 22D Green/White
M81969/14-02 M81969/14-02 I/R 20 Red/White
M81969/14-03 M81969/14-03 I/R 16 Blue/White
M81969/14-04 M81969/14-04 I/R 12 Yellow/White
M81969/14-05 M81969/14-05 I/R 10 GRA/White
M81969/14-10 M81969/14-10 I/R 20 Red/Orange
M81969/14-11 M81969/14-11 I/R 20 Red/White
M81969/15-01 DRK250-8 R 8 None
M81969/15-02 DRK250-4 R 4 None
M81969/15-03 DRK250-0 R 1/0 None
M81969/16-01 81515-20 I/R 20 Red/White
M81969/16-02 81515-16 I/R 16 Blue/White
M81969/16-03 81515-12 I/R 12 Yellow/White
M81969/16-04 81515-23 I/R 23 Green/White
M81969/17-01 DAK55-16A I 16 Blue
M81969/17-02 DAK55-12A I 12 Yellow
M81969/17-03 DAK20B I 20 Red
M81969/17-04 DAK16B I 16 Blue
M81969/17-05 DAK12B I 12 Yellow
M81969/17-06 DAK55-8B I 8 Red
M81969/17-07 DAK55-4B I 4 Blue
M81969/17-08 DAK55-0B I 0 Yellow
M81969/17-09 DAK83S-20 I 20 Red
M81969/18-01 DAK123A I 16/20 Green
M81969/18-02 DAK123-22A I 22 GOLD
M81969/19-01 DRK16B R 16 Blue
M81969/19-02 DRK12B R 12 Yellow
M81969/19-03 DRK56-8B R 8 Red
M81969/19-04 DRK56-4B R 4 Blue
M81969/19-05 DRK56-0B R 0 Yellow
M81969/19-06 DRK20B R 20 Red
M81969/19-07 DRK20A R 20 Red
M81969/19-08 DRK16A R 16 Blue
M81969/19-09 DRK12A R 12 Yellow
M81969/19-10 DHK20A R 20 Red
M81969/19-11 DHK16A R 16 Blue
M81969/20-01 DRK124A R 16 Green
M81969/20-02 DRK124-22A R 22 N/A
M81969/21-01 DHK368 I/R 16 N/A
M81969/22-01 DRK222 R 16 N/A
M81969/23-01 DAK1-16P-S I 16 N/A
M81969/23-02 DAK1-16S-S I 16 N/A
M81969/27-01 DRK178-1A R 4/0 N/A
M81969/27-02 DRK178-2A R 2/0 N/A
M81969/27-03 DRK178-3A R 1/0 N/A
M81969/27-04 DRK178-4A R 2 N/A
M81969/27-05 DRK178-5A R 4 N/A
M81969/27-06 DRK178-6A R 6 N/A
M81969/28-01 DRK310 R COAX N/A
M81969/28-02 DRK337 R COAX N/A
M81969/29-01 CIET16-9 R 16 Blue
M81969/29-02 M81969/14-06 R 8 Red
M81969/29-03 M81969/14-07 R 4 Blue
M81969/29-04 M81969/14-08 R 0 Yellow
M81969/30A-01 DRK130-22A R 22 Yellow
M81969/30A-02 DRK130-20A R 20 Red
M81969/30A-03 DRK130-16A R 16 Blue
M81969/30A-04 DRK130-12A R 12 Yellow
M81969/30A-05 DRK110-20-2 R 20 Red
M81969/30A-06 DRK110-16-2 R 16 Blue
M81969/30A-07 DRK110-12-2 R 12 Yellow
M81969/30B-01 DRK501B R 22 Black/Yellow
M81969/30B-02 DRK502B R 20 Black/Red
M81969/30B-03 DRK503B R 16 Black/Blue
M81969/30B-04 DRK504B R 12 Black/Yellow
M81969/30B-05 DRK505B R 20 Silver/Red
M81969/30B-06 DRK506B R 16 Silver/Blue
M81969/30B-07 DRK507B R 12 Silver/Yellow
M81969/30B-08 DRK508B R 22D Brown/Brown
M81969/30B-09 DRK509B R 22M Brown/Yellow
M81969/30B-10 DRK510B R 22 Brown/Green
M81969/30B-11 DRK511B R 20 Brown/Red
M81969/30B-12 DRK512B R 16 Brown/Blue
M81969/30B-13 DRK513B R 12 Brown/Yellow
M81969/30B-19 DRK519B R Tool Set
M81969/30B-20 DRK520B R Handle
M81969/30B-21 DRK521B R 22 Yellow
M81969/30B-22 DRK522B R 20 Red
M81969/30B-23 DRK523B R 16 Blue
M81969/30B-24 DRK524B R 12 Yellow
M81969/30B-25 DRK525B R 20 Red
M81969/30B-26 DRK526B R 16 Blue
M81969/30B-27 DRK527B R 12 Yellow
M81969/30B-28 DRK528B R 22D Brown
M81969/30B-29 DRK529B R 22M Yellow
M81969/30B-30 DRK530B R 22 Green
M81969/30B-31 DRK531B R 20 Red
M81969/30B-32 DRK532B R 16 Blue
M81969/30B-33 DRK533B R 12 Yellow
M81969/30B-34 DRK534B Removal Tool Set
M81969/30B-35 DRK535B Removal Tool Set
M81969/30B-36 DRK536B Removal Tool Set
M81969/33-01 DAK55-225A I/R 22 Red
M81969/33-02 DAK55-22JA I/R 22 Red
M81969/34-01 DRK56-22A R 22 Red
M81969/39-01 M81969/39-01 I/R 20 Green/White


Installing and Removal Tool Illustrations


Straight and joggled tools hold contact and wire in line with center or side of the tool handle. Tool sizes are “0” to “24” gage. Handles are color coded aluminum. Tools range from 4 1⁄2" to 6" long with replaceable tips.


Both front removal and rear installing Military Standard tools offer a convenient and practical approach to servicing the MIL-C-81511, Series 1 & 2 connectors. Tools are color coded for contact size with  half-inch hex metal handles.


Front release connecters are easily serviced with these military spec removal tools. Handles are color coded for contact size. Replaceable tips are available.

REF: MIL-C-005015,  MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-C-26500, and MIL-C-26636 Connectors.


Employing the floating tip concept, these tools offer quality, as well as ease in operation. Body and handle are anodized aluminum alloy and color coded. Replaceable tips are available and require no special installing tools.


Tools are for sizes 8 to 24 contacts. Used in NAS 1599, MIL-PRF-38999 and other rear release connectors.


Tool removes unwired contacts from connectors and is available in two styles. The metal style employs a locking wedge and removes contacts from terminal block as well as from the connectors.

The Military Standard tools use plastic probes which are interchangeable and available in sizes 12, 16, 20 (MS3448-001 kit) and 12 through 22 (MS3159), series NAS 1599 and MIL-C-81511, Series 3 and 4.


This tool unlocks MIL-C-005015 contacts and sizes are 0, 4 and 8 gage.


This long-slot tool illustrates the standard for MIL-C-005015 installing tools. Modified versions are available on request.

I - Installation Tool
R - Removal Tool
I/R - Installation and Removal Tool
N/A - Not Applicable