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AlphatronHPT-200 Hand-Held Wire Crimp Pull Tester


Daniels Manufacturing Corporation introduces a portable tensile tester capable of pull testing wire crimps up to 200 pounds (up to 10 AWG wire in most cases).

HPT-200 Hand-Held Pull TesterThe lab is no longer the limit…

It is only natural that the company, which is known throughout the world for quality wire termination tools and equipment would add the very best portable tensile tester to meet your need for fewer sources and improved support through a wider range of capabilities. The HPT-200 hand-held pull tester combines the accuracy and rugged design of the Alphatron pull testers into a portable battery powered unit. We follow that up with our expert factory service and calibration.

The HPT-200 portable tester is  an extension of the Alphatron Wire Crimp Pull Tester line of products, which include the PT-150H and MPT-250B. These testers perform pull-force measurements on wire terminations. The rugged construction and portable design of these test machines make any of them a superior choice for on-site or laboratory use.

The lightweight Alphatron HPT-200 is a self-contained tester that extends your testing capability to the shop floor. You no longer have to wait for process samples to arrive in the QA Lab. Durable construction and a convenient carry case ensure protection. The Low Stress tensioning mechanism makes the HPT-200 versatile and easy to use. A built in NIHM battery provides up to 14 hours use on a single charge and the Power Management Circuit allows use during charging.

  • Portable, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Built-in NIMH battery, with charger
  • Up to 14 hour use on a single charge
  • Low stress tensioning mechanism
  • Protective carrying caseHPT-200
  • Shoulder bag (optional)
  • Built-in calibration test
  • Accuracy: (0.5% of full scale)
  • Resolution: (0.1 pounds)
  • Display in newtons, or kilograms is available
  • Capacity: 200 lbf, 90.7 kg, 889 N
  • Accuracy: ± .5% of full scale
  • Resolution: .1 lbf
  • Display Type: Digital display w/peak hold reading
  • Display: LDC w/.56 in. high digits
  • Electrical: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz or 12 VDC Int. Battery
  • Operating Temperature: 50F to 100F (10 to 38C)
  • Height: 2 in. (5.08 cm) case
  • Width: 9.5 in. (24.13 cm) case
  • Depth: 6.25 in. (15.87 cm) case
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.21 kg) case and hand unit
  • Datasheet: HPT-200.PDF

A 230 volt unit is available.  P/N HPT-200-230


Standard Clamp Grip

P/N: TST250-12
Standard Slotted Disc Grip

P/N 15-3035
Slot Dimension
Size (in.)
Size (in.)
1 0.031 9 0.094
2 0.250 10 0.188
3 0.047 11 0.110
4 0.236 12 0.172
5 0.063 13 0.125
6 0.218 14 0.158
7 0.080 15 0.141
8 0.203  
Hex Terminal Upper Grip (Optional)

P/N: 15-3039
RF Coax Terminal Upper Grip (Optional)

P/N: 15-3114
Lower Grip for RF Coax Cables (Optional)

P/N: 15-3115