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HDE36B Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimp Tool for HD36 Dies

The HDE36B Battery Powered Crimp Tool offers the portability of a hand tool with the stamina of a power tool! It is a hand held, self-contained, 4 ton hydraulic crimp tool that is actuated with a single squeeze of the trigger.

This tool is designed to accept the entire family of HD36 dies for crimping terminals, lugs or any other special applications. WIRE RANGE: #8 to #0 AWG in many power applications, and .750 (19.05mm) in coaxial hexagonal crimping.

Typical "HD36" Die Sets.

Hexagonal crimp dies for coaxial cable and "single indent" crimp dies for insulated terminals are available in a variety of combinations having single or double cavity design. These dies accommodate most insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices conforming to AS7928 as well as numerous proprietary configurations.

The HDE36B offers a solution where the volume of work exceeds the physical limits of a worker with hand tools, and hoses and cables are unwelcome or unsafe for the environment where the work is being performed.

The HDE36B meets the requirements of RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

  • Ergonomic design allows one-handed operation
  • Die automatically opens when crimp is complete
  • Die can be retracted in mid-cycle to adjust connector
  • Head rotates 350 degrees
  • Connection point for tool balancing systems
  • Red LED to display the current status of the unit
  • Max. Crimp Force: 4 Tons (35.6 kN)
  • Avg. Crimp Time: 3 seconds
  • Avg. Crimps per Charge: 100
  • Length: 13.25" (356 mm)
  • Width: 2.87" (72.9 mm)
  • Depth: 4.5" (114.3 mm)
  • Weight (with battery): 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
  • Sound Level: 75 db(A) at 1 meter
  • Vibration: <8.2 ft/s2 (2.5 m/s²)
  • Hydraulic Oil: Shell Tellus® T-15


HD36-101 .552 DIA. .180     Single Cavity Circular
Corresponds To HUSKIE HD-58
HD36-102 .420 RAD. .180     Single Cavity Circular
Corresponds To HUSKIE HD-34
HD36-103 .530 HEX .365     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-104 .750 GAGE .225     Single Cavity Hex,
Corresponds To HOMAC 840
HD36-105N .198 HEX .185     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-106N .222 HEX .185     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-107N .280 HEX .155     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-109 .520 GAGE .340     Single Cavity Hex,
Corresponds To HOMAC 5/8
HD36-110N .530 HEX .344     Corresponds To T&B 683-53701-1
HD36-111N .135 GAGE .312     #8 Non-Insulated Single Indent
HD36-112N .176 GAGE .312     #6 Non-Insulated Single Indent
HD36-113N .206 GAGE .344     #4 Non-Insulated Single Indent
HD36-114N .265 GAGE .344     #2 Non-Insulated Single Indent
HD36-115N .226 HEX .110 .169 .110 Double Cavity Hex
Corresponds To PEN-011-2, & PEN-011-3
HD36-116N .284 HEX .110 .114 .110 Double Cavity Hex,
Corresponds To PEN-011-1, & PEN-011-4
HD36-124 .390 HEX .344     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-125 .600 HEX .344     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-126 .217 HEX .344     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-128 .160 HEX .344     Single Cavity Hex
HD36-130 .130 GAGE .344     Single Indent for Flag Terminals
HD36-131 .446 HEX .344     1/0 Non-Insulated Terminal Lug
HD36-132 .487 HEX .344     2/0 Non-Insulated Terminal Lug
HD36-135 .110 HEX .100     HDE36 GAGING DIE
HD36-136 .240 GAGE .375     #6 Insulated (BLUE),
Corresponds To AMP 1490598-1
HD36-137 .272 GAGE .375     #4 Insulated (YELLOW),
Corresponds To AMP 1490599-1
HD36-138 .176 GAGE .202 .111 .202 Non-Insulated Single Indent
HD36-139 .204 GAGE .250     #8 Insulated (RED),
Corresponds To AMP 1490597-1
HD36-142 .184 DIA. .344     Single Cavity Circular

If your application requirement is not already covered by one of our standard die sets, our engineering department will be pleased to discuss a design to suit your needs, consult DMC for details.

  • Carrying Case
  • Two 18v Batteries (P/N: HDE-LI-B)
  • One Battery Charger (P.N: HDE-LI-120C).
  • Double the charge life of the 1.5 AMP battery
  • 18 VDC, Lithium Ion, 3.0 AMP
  • Charging Time: 30 minutes