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Handle-less Strap WrenchBT-BS-611T

DMC’s handle-less strap wrench line has been specifically designed for torque-accurate connector assembly. All strap wrenches are equipped with a 3/8" drive hole to accommodate torque wrenches and other tools.


Click here for Torque Converion Tables.


for Torque Wrenches
Tool Tip Style
Wrench P/N
Strap P/N
Strap Width
Strap Looped
Suggested Gripping 


BT-BS-610T BT-A-6010 1/2" (Black) Yes .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610BT* BT-A-6010B* 1/2" (Blue) Yes .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610WT BT-A-6010W 1/2" (White) Yes .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610RT BT-A-6010R 1/2" (Red) Yes .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-609T BT-A-6010 1/2" (Black) Yes .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609BT* BT-A-6010B* 1/2″ (Blue) Yes .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609WT BT-A-6010W 1/2" (White) Yes .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609RT BT-A-6010R 1/2″ (Red) Yes .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-611T BT-A-6175 5/8" (Black) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611BT* BT-A-6175B* 5/8" (Blue) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611WT BT-A-6175W 5/8" (White) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618T BT-A-6185 1" (Black) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618BT* BT-A-6185B* 1" (Blue) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618WT BT-A-6185W 1" (White) Yes 1.00" to 4.00"


BT-BS-610SST BT-A-6010-BK 1/2" (Black) No .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610BSST BT-A-6010B-BK* 1/2" (Blue) No .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-610RSST BT-A-6010R-BK 1/2" (Red) No .25" to 1.50"
BT-BS-609SST BT-A-6010-BK 1/2" (Black) No .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609BSST BT-A-6010B-BK* 1/2" (Blue) No .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-609RSST BT-A-6010R-BK 1/2" (Red) No .50" to 2.50"
BT-BS-611SST BT-A-6175-BK 5/8" (Black) No 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-611BSST* BT-A-6175B-BK* 5/8" (Blue) No 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618SST BT-A-6185-BK 1" (Black) No 1.00" to 4.00"
BT-BS-618BSST* BT-A-6185B-BK* 1" (Blue) No 1.00" to 4.00"

*The blue series strap wrench and replacement straps are preferred for connector/accessory use.

All strap wrenches are equipped with a 3/8" drive hole to accommodate torque wrenches.