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Cable Tie Removal Tools


Remove Cable Ties and Straps Efficiently With No Damage to Wire Insulation

Now you can quickly remove cable ties without damaging the wire harness. The safety guards on the tip of the MG cable tie removal tools slide behind the cable tie strap to prevent the sharp blades from contacting and damaging the bundled items. The ergonomic, cushion grip handles and scissor action produce a clean cut.

Also use the MG series cable tie removal tools when repairing and retrofitting wire harnesses & hose assemblies, removing packaged items, prototyping & testing products, and many other factory and field uses.

These versatile cable tie removal tools provide a long life when cutting plastic, thin copper, and aluminum. Each tool is made of heat treated alloy steel with a Rockwell hardness range of 53-58Rc.

Part Number
Cuts Cable Tie Sizes
Tool Length
Tool Width
MG-1300  18 lb. to 250 lb.  6.49" 2.35"  Standard Handle Length with Pointed Nose for Tight Spaces
MG-1400 18 lb. to 250 lb.  6.49"  2.35"  Standard Handle with Pointed Nose, and Wire Stripping Cavities for gauges 12 to 22.