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AMT4001 Crimp Tool for Terminals - M22520/40-01



AMT4001♦ Cycle controlled

♦ Wire sizes 26 through 14

♦ Adjustable insulation barrel

The AMT4001 (M22520/40-01) crimp tool is a fast, manually operated tool for crimping AS7928 (MIL-T-7928) Ring Terminals and Splices for wire sizes 26 through 14 (terminal and splice color codes Small-Yellow, Red, and Blue).

The AMT4001 provides a ratchet controlled crimp to ensure full crimp force/closure is applied. The handles will not open until they have been fully closed and the crimp completed.

The tool is equipped with a locator to hold terminals and splices in place for crimping.

The AMT4001 is 10 3/4 inches long, and weighs 1.48 lbs. For long life and optimum performance, this tool should be kept clean and handled carefully, as any other precision instrument.AMT4001 Head

MIL Qualified Gages are available for checking calibration.

  • Red Conductor - AMTG4301
  • Red Insulation - AMTG4303
  • Blue Conductor - AMTG4302
  • Blue Insulation - AMTG4304

Tool also produces crimped assemblies that comply with the IPC/WHMA-A-620-A Industry Guidelines for Stamped and Formed-Closed Barrel-Insulation Support Crimps.

MS25036 Terminals
MS17143 Terminals
Terminal P/N**
Crimp Cavity
Terminal P/N**
Crimp Cavity
MS25036-101 Red-Yellow MS17143-1 Red-Yellow
MS25036-102 Red-Yellow MS17143-2 Blue-White
MS25036-103 Red-Yellow MS17143-4 Red-Yellow
MS25036-104 Red-Yellow MS17143-5 Blue-White
MS25036-105 Red-Yellow MS17143-7 Red-Yellow
MS25036-106 Blue-White MS17143-8 Blue-White
MS25036-107 Blue-White MS17143-10 Red-Yellow
MS25036-108 Blue-White MS17143-11 Blue-White
MS25036-109 Blue-White MS17143-13 Red-Yellow
MS25036-110 Blue-White MS17143-14 Blue-White
MS25036-143 Red-Yellow MS17143-16 Red-Yellow
MS25036-144 Red-Yellow MS17143-17 Blue-White
MS25036-145 Red-Yellow MS17143-19 Red-Yellow
MS25036-146 Red-Yellow MS17143-20 Blue-White
MS25036-147 Red-Yellow MS17143-22 Red-Yellow
MS25036-148 Red-Yellow MS17143-23 Red-Yellow
MS25036-149 Red-Yellow MS17143-24 Red-Yellow
MS25036-150 Red-Yellow MS17143-25 Red-Yellow
MS25036-151 Red-Yellow MS17143-26 Red-Yellow
MS25036-152 Blue-White MS17143-27 Red-Yellow
MS25036-153 Blue-White MS17143-28 Red-Yellow
MS25036-154 Blue-White MS17143-109 Blue-White
MS25036-155 Blue-White MS17143-110 Blue-White
MS25036-159 Red-Yellow MS17143-155 Blue-White
   Blue-White = Large Cavity
   Red-Yellow = Small Cavity
** Latest Specification: AS25036, AS17143, Procurement/Test Specification AS7928