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Total Support for Wiring System Service



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Building a tool kit to service an entire wiring system involves extensive research to select to correct tooling and ensure all servicable connectors, terminals, splices and contacts are covered. Technicians who are responsible for the maintenance or production of entire systems cannot be expected to know all the answers, nor do they have the time to do the necessary research or locate tooling. DMC has this knowledge and does the technical research for them.

We apply our decades of connector industry experience and wealth of tooling information into developing the technical data for every Wiring System Service Kit we build.Tool Kit

We design and manufacture a tool kit package which includes:

  1. All the necessary tooling (crimping tools, dies, heads, installing tools, removal tools, gages, wire strippers for circular and R.F. connectors and more).
  2. Complete instructions on set up and use of each tool and accessory.
  3. Valuable tool application data which eliminates guesswork and dangerous trial and error tool selection.

DMC has built Wiring System Service Kits for over 40 years and already has tool kits designed for most Military Aircraft & Ground Vehicles, Commercial Aircraft, Commuter and Executive Aircraft, Helicopters, as well as for individual Shipboard Systems, Weapons Systems and Avionics Systems. DMC kits have become the standard for wiring system maintenance.

We can assist you with the selection or custom design the right Wiring System Service Kit to meet your individual requirements.

After you have purchased a DMC Wiring System Service Kit, our trained personnel are available with the information and tools you need to keep your kit up-to-date.


Tool KitThese are specified by many departments of the government, particularly the Navy and Air Force. They conform to MIL-M-83521, MIL-C-22520, and others. The national stock code for most of the above is usually 5120 or 5180.


We produce Wiring System Service Kits for a wide range of individual aircraft, families of aircraft, and mixed fleets. We can custom design or alter an existing kit to meet the user’s requirements.

Some common aircraft covered are:

  • Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330, A340
  • Bell 205, 206, 206L, 212, 412, 430
  • Boeing 707, 727, 737s, 747s, 757, 767, 777
  • Bombardier CRJ series, DASH 8s, CL-600 to 604
  • Cessna Citation I, II, III IV, V, VI, VII & X
  • Dassault FALCON 10/100, 20/200, 50/900, 50EX, 900EX & 2000/2000EX
  • Douglas DC8, DC9 and DC10
  • Embraer EMB-110, -120, -312, ERJ-135, -145, -170, -190 & Legacy
  • Eurocopter EC-135, EC-145, BO-105, BK-117
  • Fokker F50/F100
  • Gulfstream II, III, IV, V, G550
  • Hawker Beechcraft 800/800XP, 1900D, King Air 200, 200T, 350
  • Learjet 25, 31A, 35, 45, 55, & 60
  • Pilatus PC-12 & PC-7 Trainer
  • Sikorsky S-76, S-92
  • And many more...

The General Aviation Kit was developed for, and in conjunction with, organizations involved in the maintenance and outfitting of light commercial, business, and personal aircraft. It has since proven to be well suited for service of many types of other systems.

The basic kit covers the standard power contacts sizes 16, 20 and 22D in the following connector families.Tool Kit

  • MIL-C-24308
  • MIL-C-26482
  • MIL-C-26500
  • MIL-C-38999
  • MIL-C-83723
  • Deutsch DS Series
  • ITT Cannon DPX & DC Series

Also covered are stamped form contacts used in many general purpose connectors supplied by: AMP, Elco, Winchester, Collins Narco, Bendix, King, Sperry, etc. Plus necessary tooling to cover most common types of RF connectors (i.e. BNC, TNC) using RG/58 and RG/8 coaxial cable.

Experience in the field has shown these to be the most common variety. (See technical application tables elsewhere in the catalog for specific descriptions and contact P/N for military designations.)

Tool KitWe cannot guarantee this kit will solve all your connector maintenance problems, but the necessary tooling and information will certainly be at hand for most requirements.

The durable polyethylene case has an aluminum frame for strength and light weight. The tools are restrained in protective foam cavities.

Our engineering department will confirm coverage of your specific requirements.


DMC work stations are custom designed to fit your production requirements. They can utilize hand tools or pneumatic models. Special holding clamps or work positioners can be included in the container or mounted permanently to the tooling enclosure. Our engineering department can give you details on the best work station for your application.


DMC produces a variety of innovative tools and adaptors which are used when fitting backshell or strain-relief hardware to electrical connectors. All of these are available as individual components, in sets according to connector series, or in complete system support tool kits. The kits can be individually designed to meet your maintenance or production (work station) demands.



Today’s sophisticated aircraft, defense systems, and avionics electronics have become increasingly more complex. The technician who must maintain these systems cannot possibly be knowledgeable about all the various types of terminations and associated tooling needed to repair the vast number of interconnections which make up these systems.

Once the system becomes inoperative, the pressure to return the system to operation does not permit the luxury of researching the answers to these tooling complexities.


Tool Selection Charts DMC does all the necessary research to relieve this pressure and eliminate the guesswork and haphazard, trial-and-error selection of tools by developing detailed Tool Selection Charts to cross reference all the connectors with vital repair tool data. These charts identify the connectors in alpha/numeric order by their military and/or commercial designations; identify the contacts by part number and color code where applicable; list applicable wire sizes; and identify the appropriate crimp tool and associated turret/positioner/die, installing tool and removal tool for wired and unwired contacts where applicable.


DMC provides detailed step-by-step directions on how to prepare a tool for use, crimp contacts, install and remove contacts, strip wire, and gauge tools and contacts. Instruction Sheets are also available to meet foreign language or unique special purpose tool requirements.


These charts offer a visual representation of the storage compartments for all tools in the kit. The Contents Charts list the tools by part number, so the location of all tools ad reordering information is immediately available should a component require replacement.


DMC then packages these Tool Selection Charts, Contents Charts, and Instruction Sheets with all the crimping tools, turrets, dies, wire strippers, installing tools, removal tools and other accessories necessary to support the system in durable cases tailored to the expected work environment so the tools are properly organized and protected.

With a DMC Wiring System Service Kit, the technician now has ready access to the technical data and tools for reliable, cost-effective Total Wiring System Support.



Foam inserts (standard for all DMC kits) provide each component with a designated storage space which is indicated on the Contents Charts. This assures the technician that no needed components are missing prior to departing to make the repair. The technician also knows, prior to leaving the on-site repair, that if a compartment is empty, then a component is missing and must be retrieved. This helps eliminate FOD (Foreign Object Damage) and accountability.


Colored base layers are available to highlight tool cavities and aid with tool tracking. Cavity Labeling is also available to help identify tool cavities and make returning tools to the proper place simpler.


An analysis of the environmental conditions the kit must endure is an absolute necessity.

Our “Portable” kits are designed for on-site field maintenance. Maximum portability and component protection are the controlling design factors for portable kits. They are supplied in a durable case constructed of metal, fiberglass, or ultra-high impact copolymer. A captive restraint mechanism and heavy duty hardware are generally utilized to secure tools within their cavities.

Fiberglass and high-impact copolymer cases are equipped with gaskets to protect against moisture intrusion. Fiberglass cases designated for ground vehicles even have steel reinforced corners.

Our “Roll Around Cabinet” kits are designed for FBO depot-level workshop maintenance. These kits are designed and packaged for security and convenient location of components. Depot-level cabinets are constructed of steel and have built in locks. They are equipped with roller drawer slides and wheels to allow them to roll around the work-shop or hanger, or can be loaded for easy deployment.

Regardless of packaging, all reference charts are laminated for protection against the elements.


The tools and technical data can be packaged in various configurations: from a single metal tool box to a few portable cases to a multi-drawer, roll-around cabinet.

The same kit can be reorganized and reconfigured to serve different purposes. A single portable tool kit can be expanded into a larger cabinet by providing cavities for non-wiring related tools, or a single depot-level cabinet can be broken down into multiple portable cases.


DMC is available to overhaul and repair existing Wiring System Service Kits or periodic inspection & calibration. We’ll repair cases when possible and replace or upgrade foam cavities as needed. We inspect & calibrate all tooling and determine if repairs need to be made. We also identify and replace missing tools, charts, & tool instructions. Contract DMC Customer Service for an estimate or more information.